Social Network

Social Network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Whatsapp are the new trend of the internet. It opened new possibilities to communication and it improved the way people like, connect and share.

Today, social network sites are no longer just an ingenious way for people to meet, connect and share. It is now also one of the most powerful advertising tools which businessmen can use to connect to their targeted market niche.

Tips on choosing which social network site to use

1. Choose a social network site that is popular in your area.
Of course, you want people to view your social media site, especially your target market niche. However, there are social media sites that are popular in some countries but not in others. For instance, it appears that Facebook is more widely used in Asian countries while Western countries are more likely to be active on Twitter.

2. Consider using multiple social network sites.
If you live in a place wherein there are several social media sites that are in use, perhaps you can sign up an account on all those social media sites. This way, you will be able to reach more people.

52 Tips: How to Market On Instagram

What Instagram can do for you!

1) Visual Marketing, a picture is worth a thousand words.
2) The strategic use of hashtags – Increase exposure of a post to users who like a particular label, theme so that they could follow you.
3) Emotional connection – Photo transmit emotional responses and emotional connection.
4) Direct traffic to your website – Link to your website for call to action.
5) It fun – Go viral, provide fun and entertainment creating your content.
6) To connect with clients
– Share a photo of a new product and ask people to write what they think of it.
– Maintain direct contact with followers.
7) Reaching new audiences
– content with with memorable phases generate interests and connect and reach new audiences well.
8) Feed your other marketing channels
– simply enable instagram to share your photos automatically on facebook and twitter.
9) Generating sales
– creating professional images to promote your product and highlight your service.

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