The Easiest Way To Know Exactly Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

Can cutting edge online business tracking really be this simple?...


The Absolutely Easiest Way To Find Out Exactly Where Your Traffic Is Coming From, So You Can Increase Conversions And Rake In The Serious Cash!...

Now You Can Test And Track Your Internet Business Just Like The Pros Do, The Easy Way!

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Turbo SPY Tracker

Dear Savvy Internet Marketer,

There's a little secret to success in making money online that few will master.

I am going to reveal that secret right here in this letter, then introduce you to the tool that automates that secret for your online business.

This is one of those gems that you cannot do without.

Imagine with me for a moment...

You set up a sales letter and drive traffic to it. When you're successful... let's say you convert that traffic at 10% to sales. In other words, you get 10 sales for every 100 visitors to your offer.

Without knowing where your traffic is coming from, you're simply guessing... or converting in the dark.

If you knew where your traffic came from, you could better tailor your offer to that traffic… and - consequently - increase conversions easily!

And that's the best part...

In A Few Minutes, You Can
Test And Track Your Entire Offer…

(...even multiple offers...)

...Automatically And Flawlessly.

Normally, you would have to rely on complicated, EXPENSIVE and sometimes inaccurate, third party tracking solutions...

But not anymore!

You've discovered the little gem on the Net that will allow you to track exactly where your traffic is coming from by URL, or if you want to, you can even control how much you're paying for pay-per-click traffic...

Pretty cool huh?

You might want to keep this gem
(and the opportunity behind it)
your little secret through...


If you've ever found out something you didn't know before... or a solution that automated a part of your online business... and it changed your life... you would call that a secret…

"All A Secret Represents Is Something
Revealed To You That You Didn't Know."

So, if that was a little secret... you might be wondering what the big secret I was going to reveal right here in this page… you know one of the secrets to Internet Marketing?

That secret is simply this…

"Test, track, and tweak your offer
to the best conversion,
then build another offer."

Wouldn't it be fun to have a competitive advantage like this? While others toil and waste time trying to keep up with methods of driving traffic to their sites...

You can just sit back and watch it all happen, knowing that you have already set the wheels in motion for all of your offers to perform at their peak, as you have tweaked them to perfection.

And the best part is, there is very little extra effort to do what we're talking about here... in fact, all of the automatic changes you initiate can be set in motion when you install this little shortcut to the secret mentioned above!

Introducing… Your Secret's Shortcut...

Turbo SPY Tracker

It's finally time to track your traffic, and stop playing
guessing games with your Internet business!

Here are just some ideas of how you can use this script to unleash the cash flow into your internet business…

To track multiple offers at the same time, no need to waste time hopping from stats area to stats area... it'll all be under one roof.

To test different versions of the same offer at the same time... you can set up different versions of the same page on your domain... and see where the traffic is coming from... then get true results based on science, not ignorance.

To track your PPC spending from one location... simply plug in your cost per click, and you can figure out how much you're spending... avoiding wasted marketing budgets.

In membership sites... to isolate what hot buttons are driving your market, so you can custom tailor your membership... once you know who's looking at your site...and who's referring traffic to your start to gain an advanced understanding of your market.. which is invaluable.

INTERESTING IDEA: You could use this script to track individual pages’ performance and traffic automatically.

Plus much, much more (get creative)

You create the environment for customers to get crazy in... then sit back and relax as your campaign unfolds automatically at full performance...not weak performance.

That's it!

" easy is it to install and use?"

It's important that you can invest in Turbo SPY Tracker... and use it right away...right?

That's why we've made it super easy to install and use with the included package…

Turbo SPY Tracker is the easiest way to know where your web traffic is coming from; all you need to do is to add 1 line of code in your webpage!

It is designed to cut out all the complicated steps in tracking who visits your site and who links to your webpage/s. Knowing from where your traffic comes helps you to focus on the winning pages of yours, improve your marketing efforts while at the same time inspect everything (you can track even those that do not want to be tracked... Hint: when posting your thank you pages in 'black hat' forums!) - All you need to do is add a tracker on the page you want to spy and Turbo SPY Tracker will do the rest!

Here's how it works in 6 simple steps:


1. Login to the protected administration area.

2. Click to create a tracker.

3. Fill in a form and Save.

4. Click to copy the code.

5. Past the code to your web page/s.

That's it!

Turbo SPY Tracker will start counting all visits and links to all pages where the trackers have been pasted. All you have to do then is to login and...

6. Click to view the Statistics!

And YES, you can even include a Facebook Pixel in your tracker/s - as you can notice above in Step 3! ;)


A DETAILED PDF Illustrated Manual.

Turbo SPY Tracker is so easy to use, you will probably find that you won't need the tutorial though. Simply install Turbo SPY Tracker on your website... and you're on your way. It really is that easy.

Turbo SPY Tracker is a PHP script and can be installed in some seconds! If you already have a hosting account with MySQL capabilities you can it installed, up and running in some minutes!

"Alright! How much do I have to invest to make my life easy?"

Well, I am going to make this simple for you, because I want to get Turbo SPY Tracker into the hands of as many people as I can.

This will be a "no-brainer" as they say... I am sure you were expecting some crazy high price tag like $127.00 for a script that can literally mean the difference between success and failure online...

But that's not what you're going to invest at all... in fact... you won't be able to pass up this opportunity, unless you were hoping for a freebie (which I know a savvy marketer like you doesn't need "freebie junk...")

So you won't pay $127.00, $97.00, or even $67.00 for this awesome time-saver for your internet business...


You won't even invest $47.00! In fact, your investment today is only…

Hey… Consider this:

Your competitors will see this offer at some point, and Internet Marketing is a competitive field... so wouldn't you like to have this "secret" working for you...before they do?

Or, would you rather "waffle" on a simple solution to testing and tracking your pages... losing the ability to gain a competitive edge?

There are 3 types of people... and two of those fail in 12 months or less:

1) Those who make things happen.

2) Those who hope things happen.

3) Those who wonder, "what happened?"

Look, you have a moment right now to set aside a pizza dinner with family, so you can start testing and tracking like the pros... increase your cashflow by tailoring your offers to your market... then have royal dinners with your family later!

Your decision today is also risk free...

"No-Questions-Asked 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee!"

I want you to feel proud of this purchase because I know the value of this solution offered. Get the software right now and start using it. If you're not thrilled just ask for your money back.

You have 30 days to decide if this solution is THAT good as described here or not. If at any time in thirty days you decide this script was not what you needed then you will get your money back ASAP. No questions asked at all. Fair enough?

Now it's time...

Turbo SPY Tracker

It's finally time to track your traffic, and stop playing
guessing games with your internet business!

You get this UNIQUE solution for only…

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